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Primary Application and Business Accomplishments:

  • Modernized internally developed “best-of-breed” systems to better integrate with modern technology and streamlined technical processes to cut batch processing by 50%, allowing ERP systems to interface directly with the medical records systems.
  • Delivered a new collaboration platform to automate the retrieval and cataloging of all incoming referral Faxes nationwide.  Getting referrals initiated quickly is the hallmark of VITAS performance.
  • Replaced and enhanced the entire sales application systems within VITAS with a cloud-based solution.
  • Completed M&A consolidation, automation and support for new programs in Texas, Alabama and Northern Florida.
  • Implemented full application archiving for legacy systems that began archiving old/stale data and put the system on a better course for long term stability.
  • Kept pace with healthcare reform by delivering multiple changes to accommodate Medicare, State Medicaid and Commercial Insurance requirements.
  • Streamlined existing HR systems to allow equipment ordering and application provisioning for new employees to be done earlier.
  • Implemented Employee Self-Service module within our HR systems allowing the employee to run and print their own benefits election.

Mobile IT Summary

The mobile IT solution at VITAS has lightened the loads of its hospice care nurses — literally.  For years, the nurses had to lug around thick 7-pound binders stuffed with reams of information about patient care, compliance, protocols, and referring hospitals and medical centers.  Today, those same nurses carry a slim iPad weighing in at about 1 pound.  Eliminating the bulky binders is just one of the many benefits that have been achieved by implementing a fully mobile solution for the nurses and field staff who are focused on home health care and support for patients with terminal illnesses

VITAS executives available for interview:

  1. Patrick Hale, VITAS Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President
  2. Steven Smith, VITAS Chief Technology Officer and Vice President

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